October 23, 2016

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October 20/2016

Why You Should Charter a Chopper

Helicopters may be the motorcycles of the sky. While turboprops and jet-engine aircraft can get you quickly and safely from one airport landing strip to another, a helicopter can skip the runways and move “off road” between non-traditional takeoff and landing areas.

September 25/2016

Built Around Lifestyle, Suited for Business Needs

The refurbishment of any aircraft is no easy feat and there are many different facets to consider to ensure the project is completed without a hitch. That is why my role within ExecuJet as Head of Completions Management is so vital to the client.

July 29/2016

ExecuJet Cambridge: Near the Heart of it All

Forget urban sprawl and uncivilised ports of entry. Instead, imagine rolling green hills dotted with clusters of shingled village roofs . . . bursts of glittering large towns interlaced with shimmering waterways . . . all woven together by swift-moving highways and rail lines. This is what it’s like to land at Cambridge International Airport. Having Cambridge as your home base for business aviation means having the rest of the U.K. and Europe handily at your doorstep, within minutes or a few short hours, without the hassle of extracting yourself from a busy city.